• Shiyun


    Digital product designer

  • Marie-Claire Dean

    Marie-Claire Dean

    Head of design Urban mobility (Google maps). Tea enthusiast, adventure racer, free diver, meditation teacher, dog lover.

  • Miriam Robledo

    Miriam Robledo

  • Dave Dame

    Dave Dame

    I have Cerebral Palsy…But it doesn't have me! Passionate about leadership agility to lead modern organizations in continual change.

  • caichang chen

    caichang chen

  • Dr. Dédé

    Dr. Dédé

    Product Inclusion, Ethical AI/ML Advisor | Policy & Governance | Black Tech Women | Tech Ladies Founding Member | Equity Army Member

  • Samael Saverem

    Samael Saverem

  • Kammiri Corinaldesi

    Kammiri Corinaldesi

    Sr. UX designer, researcher, design ethics enthusiast, perfectionist cook and cat lover.

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